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Writer, Reader, Daydreamer


Kit Oliver's days are spent writing, thinking about writing, having just written, or preparing to write. When not mulling over plot points and dialogue, Kit can be found reading or outdoors - or reading outdoors - often with one or more of the family dogs for company. 

Kit writes contemporary m/m romance novels full of bantering, bickering, pining, and kissing (and then some) that always end in Happily Ever Afters. Combining a fannish love of tropes with original romance plots, Kit's books brim with found family, bed sharing, meet-as-exes, and of course: fake dating.


Kit may take writing seriously, but believes that above all else, books should be fun to both create and consume. Kit's stories are based around a strong sense of humor, a deep love of complex characterization, and the joy of two people finding each other and falling in love.​

Lover of hiking, Star Trek, gardening, bluegrass, Pride and Prejudice, motorcycles, X-Files, goats, snow, Calvin and Hobbes, boxing, embroidery, seltzer, ice hockey, Wonder Woman, and the night sky.

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Want more of our favorite couples? The blog is a great spot to start, as are my Instagram highlights and my Twitter

For constant updates, missing scenes, excited musings, and more, check out my Patreon. Every month I put up a new post filling in the moments that happen off page, and dreaming up where our love birds are in their lives now. Plus, grab exclusive merch and join in the fun naming characters, seeing sneak peaks of cover designs, and getting to know my office manager.

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A final note

In my books, on this website, and across my social media accounts, I stand by these beliefs:

Black Lives Matter

Trans rights are human rights

Your body, your choice

No human is illegal

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