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Another Shot

Cal hates asking customer’s names for the cup, but this time he’s willing to
take the chance

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"Brilliant writing, great character insights. Oh, and ... hot."

"You've captured the intensity of romance there in the unexpectedness of reality. Getting up and going to work should not happen when you're in love.

And boy are they in love."

"I was just grinning the whole way through!"

"The elegance of your writing never fails to amaze and delight me. This was perfection. Thank you for sharing."

Fake dating? In order to finally graduate?
It’s the worst idea ever...
 and the only one that might work.

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Enemies to lovers. Bickering squabbles that end in kissing. Lingering looks and prolonged pining. Kit Oliver writes romance novels packed with tropes, turns, and tension. Kit's books contain humor, strong, well developed characters, and endings that will have you flipping back to the beginning to start all over again.


Another Shot

The Place Between

Fake Dating. Professor and graduate student. Enemies to lovers.

Cattle Stop

Roommates.Old friends and co-workers.The summer everything changed

Light Up the Lamp

The one person an NHL star can't fall for? His coach.

Coffee Shop Romance


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